Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Public Works Department

Norman Cottrell, Foreman / Recycling Coordinator

To contact the Public Works Department please call: (732) 517-0005.

Pick Up Schedule


REGULAR GARBAGE:  Monday and Thursday.

BULK COLLECTION:  4th Monday of each month except: October, November and December.   Electronics such as TVs, computers, etc. may also be put out for pick-up on bulk collection days.

METALS:  4th Monday of each month ($15 disposal fee for items containing freon.  Please call Borough Hall for a pick-up appointment, 732-531-7405).

NEW!  ALL RECYCLABLES:   1st and 3rd Tuesday.  BOTTLES, CANS, GLASS, PLASTIC, CORREGATED CARDBOARD, NEWSPAPER & MIXED PAPER.  Cardboard will not be picked up unless broken down.  Bottles, cans, glass, plastic must be placed in a container that does not exceed 42 gallons.  Please continue to bundle newspaper and mixed paper separately. 

BRUSH, BRANCHES, LEAVES:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  No limbs to exceed 4 feet.  Please place in one (1) pile per household and 1 foot from the curb to allow water to flow to storm drains.

GRASS CLIPPINGS and DIRT:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Must be placed in containers up to 40 pounds.  Grass Clippings and dirt will not be picked up unless they are containerized.

NOTE:  If recycling day falls on a holiday, pick-up will be the next day.

HELPFUL HINT:  Put several small holes in the bottom of your recycling container to reduce the amount of rainwater that collects in the container.  This will allow for easier lifting for both you and our public works staff.

Items may not be left curbside Friday through 7pm Sunday.  Let’s work together to keep a clean community!



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